previous exhibitions

LOCAL ARTISTS @ The Angel, Totnes, Devon.

14th – 15th April 2023.


We put together a mixed-medium group show exhibiting 21 local artist’s work at The Angel, Totnes.

From ceramics, photography, portraiture, lino print, digital art, collage, abstraction to illustration we exhibited a riot of styles and expression from emerging contemporary artists hailing from the South Devon region.

Artists included: Sarah Strachan, The Animist Artist, Robert Coulson-Smith, She Dissolves, Gary Winters, Gavin Middlewood, Amelia Philip, Gay Jenkins, Loubie-Lou, Lu Christie, Maria L Polanco, Faye Mcniven, Victoria Burgess, Nick Walters, Oliver Noel Haines, Nathaniel Mason, Nicky Bell, Julie Pallot, TildaMing, Cheryl Tipple-Trepat & Noel Perkins.

We’ll ran affordable drop-in workshops during the day, organised by some of the artists. She Dissolves taught the basics of mono print and linocut, and Cheryl Tipple-Trepat showed us her ‘rip’ collage methods.

The opening night had live music from Ben Cello.

It was an event that set up new networks between artists, and will spawn future creativity within the local community.


20th November – 20th December 2020.


Our online group show New Beginnings featured emerging artists from across the globe, including Russia, Portugal, India, Brazil, Norway, Bulgaria and the UK. The collective reached out to artists that were working on pieces exploring the pandemic.

Artists included: Petuniart Kushag Sian Dorman Karen Raingold Luciano Luz Alba Refulgente Rita Castanheira Veronika Desova Chloe Clay Ellie Bird Leonardo Zappala  Aimee Valentine Marshall Paul Lewey Jeremy Wolf Rachel Ahmad-Hall Julius Colwyn Dionne Markland Julie Pallot Charlotte Stevens Niso Atakhanova Leah Theakston Maria Turner Art Sokoloff Tara Hakim Beatrice M Linda Chapman Clovis Schlumberger Ian Law  Roz Moreton

The multi-media art show featured video and installation works, book-binding as well as innovative takes on more traditional media including painting, photography, illustration, and sculpture. Hosted in our custom built new online gallery space, we wanted to make the experience as immersive as we could on the shoe-string budget we had.

The exhibition’s theme also had a deeply personal meaning for us as it was devised by founding artists Julie Pallot and Nora Emilia whilst Nora was suffering from terminal cancer. Nora sadly lost her life in February 2020 and New Beginnings is therefore also about rising up out of grief and darkness felt by so many during the pandemic. There is a virtual room in the exhibition dedicated to Nora’s incredible portraits.

You can still visit the exhibition by following this link: New Beginnings.

[               ] SOCIAL

7th – 11th of May 2019 @ HKS Architects, Great Titchfield St, London.


HKS Architects invited the Bedroom Artists Collective to create an extraordinary group show producing work in response to the theme of ‘Social’.

‘Social’ – relating to human societies, interactions, and new associations of the digital age – has elicited a wide variety of responses from our artists through film, screen printing, painting, sculpture and live performance. We have transformed the beautiful building that houses HKS Architects into an exhibition open to all.

Our artists included Aimée Valentine Marshall, Charlotte Stevens, Charlotte Whiston, Dionne Markland, Jan Colywn, Julius Colwynn, Julie Pallot, Nora Emila, Rachel Ahmad, Ruth Aquino and Rosie Morland.

Workshop Day: visitors were able to view the exhibition and screenings of the film, as well as take part in free workshops including poetry, techniques in collage, stealth drawing and screen printing.


1st March – 5th March 2017 @ 210 Brick Lane, London.


This intimate, multi-disciplinary group show by the Bedroom Artists Collective explored the tensions and similarities between carnality and concreteness. Seemingly disparate, but fundamentally the same these two concepts are tactile, physical, sensational. We took the spectator on a journey through the interlacing complexities of flesh and artifice, of warm sensuality and cold brutality, of pain and pleasure.

Free creative workshops ran during the weekend of show.

Go to our Facebook event page for more images.


September 2016 @ The Hive, Dalston, London.


We found 36 incredible emerging artists who work without access to a studio and put on an enormous group show which took up a whole floor of a disused office space at The Hive, Dalston

Our diverse and talented contemporary artists exhibited everything from painting, sculpture, video and sound installation, print and illustration, word art, mixed media, street art and more.

We ran free workshops for artists, kids and visitors including an Urban Boxes Construction Project, an Appreciation of the Art Tour and a Poetry for Artists session.

The Hive supports creativity in their local community and they were the perfect partner for such a project.

Thanks to all that took part (you can see a little bit about our artists here)