About Us

We are a not-for-profit organisation that supports artists by bringing them together to exhibit affordably, presenting pieces that push the boundaries of art today.  Giving artists opportunities to meet others, collaborate on projects, and expose their artwork to new audiences.

We support great ideas and self-development by making things accessible through collaborations, giving volunteering opportunities in all aspects of the collective and opening up curatorial opportunities.

We inspire audiences and explore creative practices by holding free creative workshops in our exhibition spaces, and are working towards setting up a programme of regular free monthly workshops.

And we find that almost everyone we meet is a ‘Bedroom Artist’ too,
they just didn’t realise it.


Why are we called The Bedroom Artists Collective?

We provide a platform for opportunities for unrepresented artists, who otherwise wouldn’t see their work in the context of an exhibition or the public, a kind of incubator and amplifier for home-grown talent.

By joining forces with artists from the entire creative spectrum, of varying disciplines and experience, we want to be inclusive, to nurture talent and ideas, and a thriving creative atmosphere and network.

We have found that when you get people interested in creating together then they all benefit, developing their own practice, finding an audience and carrying out large scale projects that they wouldn’t be able to on their own.

Many artists work without a studio, even from their bedrooms. And so, we called ourselves the Bedroom Artists Collective.