Some info about how our exhibition set up works:

We won’t ask you for an entry application fee, we will only ask you for your share of costs to put forward for the actual show when we have confirmed a venue. Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible to open up new possibilities to artists who otherwise would not be able to exhibit. See more about our mission.

Later on when we find a venue we’ll ask you which rate you are choosing…

‘Pitch in rate’

We expect the cost of being part of the show to be around £50 per artist. 

As a not-for-profit collective we run our exhibitions on a shoestring with everyone pitching in to do the work and cover the costs of the venue, promotional materials, the private view, essential materials for hanging and any admin costs that might be necessary. Artists are responsible for covering the cost of their own materials/pieces and any special curation requirements. 

Organising and putting on a huge group exhibition is no small task. We work collaboratively, dividing up jobs between everyone. The reason we can therefore charge artists so little to exhibit is because it’s a real collaborative effort, dividing up jobs between everyone. 

If you join the exhibition on a ‘pitch in rate’ basis, you’re committing to offering some of your time, skills and energy to making the exhibition a success. Previous exhibitions have proved this to be a really positive aspect of being part of the collective – creating friendships and fun, and working to people’s unique strengths and capacity – but be warned that everyone is expected to do their fair share of the boring bits, like invigilation, ‘hanging’ and ‘take down’.

Pitching in is also a great way to gain new skills and experience in things too practical aspects of working in the art world. (We’ll need designers, incredible organisers, technicians or DIY savvy people, social media wizards, lighting, sound and film nerds, invigilators, photographers, amazing workshop leaders). We are after your ideas, energy and commitment.

‘Drop by rate’

If you want to just come and show your work and but can’t or don’t want to pitch in, then that is cool too and you and your work are very welcome, but we will charge an extra £35 on top of the general participation fee ‘pitch in rate’ (estimated above) in lieu of your time and work.