Alison Anderson –  exploring the everyday, the domestic and the overlooked through painting, photography, drawing and printmaking.
Alastair Bishop – East London based street artist
Andrew Arran Smith – Silent, deep, textural, contemplative
Anna Lena Dube Fuller – Irish-Trinidadian artist making provocative sculptures with a sense of humour 
Anne Grimwade – Sculptures reflecting the subconscious and exploring the domestic space 
Ben Walker – Using found images to create paintings concentrating on the emotive subject of childhood- 
Brittany Redman – Australian Abstract Artist – Founder of Happy as Flynn, commissioned paintings around London and painted a 42 metre street art in Peckham Rye
Cedoux Kadima – Bringing traditional African culture into contemporary vision…  
Charlotte Southall – abstract work that looks at interpreting mathematical and scientific theories through the medium of paint and collage
Corinne Scurr – Artist from West London, working with mixed media and found objects
Dominic Snow – Elephantman, street sculptor, strictly elephants, mostly on the street
Emily Bailey – Audiovisual Filmmaker and Video Designer
Flora Malpas – figurative artist with an interdisciplinary approach to portraiture
Francesco Marongiu – street photogorapher concerned with society, religion, human rights, nature and country/city relationship as main topics
Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick – Contemporary Artist, Author,Gulf War Veteran
Harry Cartwright – Contemporary painter and photographer based in East London
Izzy Nakhla – Sound based work – emphasis on the voice, music and secret internal worlds
Isabel Budroni – Illustrations and comics strips
James O’Connor – Bristol based artist
Jessamy Hawke – London-based illustrator interested in landscape and literature
Julie Pallot – contemporary poetry with a painterly twist
Katrina Stamatopoulos – Photographic and lens based making species
Lewis – Urban photographer using film and videographer –
Luna Perri – Fairytales – Italian Storyteller and Photographer
Martin Okoli (SOMA) – Mixed media work influenced by childhood
Matt Valentine – contemporary woodcut printmaker
Mia Wilkinson – oil painter which are visceral explorations of certain sexualised female forms
Nara Walker – exploring physicality and pushes the boundaries of self imposed rules –
Nicholas Tonino Baldion – Aesthetically beautiful painting with an unreal quality
Nisant Vibhani – Mixed media portrait artist
Nora Emilia – contemporary portrait artist
Rachel Ahmad – A teller of stories with bold colour and line
Sarah Anna Nolas – Mixed media exploration
Sid & Jim – pushing the first domino; things that start stories
Simone Barnes – Homerton based Installation/ performance artist
Sophie Teasdale & Joseph Gurdon – Bringing a collaborative body of work combining analogue photography and painting