our workshops

We run workshops during our exhibitions; it’s an integral way to collaborate with other artists, inspire visitors and build on our creativity as a collective. We invite everyone to take part in our unusual sessions which range from poetry for artists, to mixed media, to screen printing, to life drawing, to building cityscapes, to land pattern observation – so far!

We encourage bedroom artists to use the space as their temporary studio, and to get creating and co-working with each other while the exhibition takes place.

Royal Academy workshops

We ran a series of specialist workshops at the Royal Academy of Arts during their summer festival the Mayfair Art Weekend, July 2017, which were free for the public to take part in.


Stealth Drawing

Learning how to sketch people and surroundings with confidence, taking in movement, capturing expression and form. An essential tool when building up a body of matter to use as the basis for an artwork.

Nerikomi pattern technique

Working with two pieces of coloured clay, participants made intricate patterns through different cutting and layering using the ancient Japanese technique. Resulting in a broach, pendant or object to take away.

Screen printing

Inspired by the Royal Academy architecture and abstract shapes and forms participants learned the process of silkscreen print to create an entirely unique printed images which they could take home with them.

Overview Pattern Observation 

Pattern recognition is fundamental to human experience, and the world around us is suffused with pattern man made and natural.
Using a 3D vinyl topography we worked from photos to recreate earth from above, this workshop encourages viewers to explore pattern as a way of connecting with
both the external world, and our personal experience with participants populating and detailing an abstract sculptural landscape according to their emotions and thoughts.

Kurt Schwitters and Collage 

Inspired by the work of Kurt Schwitters ‘the grandfather’ of collage we learned how to create collage using found objects and inspiration from the world around us like he did. Starting with observing examples of his work we created singular works and also and a giant communal collage which was developed through out the day.